Tile is a one face glazed coating substance, which is decorated with colored patterns and decals. Under glaze technique is used while making our tiles. It is believed that tile art has been started in the Middle East and from there moved to Anatolia and later to Europe. Asur, Iran, Middle East Turks and Egyptians have used tiles-which is a branch of Fine Arts now - to decorate buildings and inscriptions. At the ages of Selcuklu and Ottoman Empire, many places in Anatolia, were used for tile production. So many tile samples from the ages of Selcuklu Empire are glazed in firuze (turquoise), green, cobalt blue, Brown and transparent colors.

In the 16th century this was an amazing improvement of the technique –to apply these seven colors under glaze : turquoise, blue, a kind of dark green, red, light cobalt, white and sometimes black 

What is Tile