The first step is preparation of the tiles, from scratch. Natural products such as clay, quarts, glass and calcium are used in a special recipe that is only known by the producer. They are grounded and blended in the mill until it is in paste form. The paste is then shaped in set forms and it is then kept separated to pre-dry. Once properly dried they are applied an overcoat so designs and patterns can be placed on top.

The next major step in the process is the kiln-drying. They are placed in a kiln that is heated to 920-960 degrees centigrade (1700-1800 Fahrenheit.) This is the first of three steps: After the products are properly kiln dried they are then hand-painted artistically . The paints used are produced with metal oxides such as copper, iron, cobalt, manganese. They are then placed in the kiln for their second drying. After the second drying they are coated with a glaze and then dried in the kiln for the third and last time.

 Those products that survive the intense process are those that are presented and displayed for our customers.