Welcome to 'Prison Tiles'

BATU Ltd Co. is the parent company of Prison Tiles. BATU was formed in 2000 and in 2007 after they had established themselves in the tiles trade, they decided to branch out and approach Kutahya Prison system about representing their workshops and the work of their prisoners. The management of Kutahya Prison agreed to this and since 2007 Prison Tiles remains the sole representative of tiles made in the workshops of Kutahya Prison.

Our name is obviously taken from the fact that 70% of our products are derived from the prison workshops, with the other 30% coming from trade artisans.

Why work with prison workshops might be the main question. Let us explain: It's not uncommon in Turkey for prisons to have workshops for their prisoners. The main reason for these workshops is it helps with the rehabilitation of the prisoners. By participating in these workshops the prisoners are able to learn a new skill set, gather confidence in themselves through the process of having a task or work to complete and it allows them a side income for their families and their social security premiums are paid. The most important part of their chance for rehabilitation is the opportunities to find a job with their new skill sets. Tiles is not the only products produced in such workshops. The prisoners have a chance to learn how to craft leather shoes, clothing, bread, jackets, blankets etc… So Prison Tiles is proud to be a part of such a program.

By choosing our products you are helping to participate in a needed and worthwhile rehabilitation program and also allowing yourself a chance to get unique, quality Turkish Tiles at a competitive price.