KUTAHYA PRISON Kutahya prison is what we call an "E-type closed and open prison." It was founded in 1983 as solely a closed prison, but in 1997 it became a closed and open prison. In 1989 Kutahya Prison established its rehabilitation workshop programs ranging from tiles, leather shoes, shirts.

The difference between the open and closed section of the prison is determined on a two year and under sentence basis. Those prisoners that are serving sentences for under two years or those that have had good behavior and are in their last two years are place in the open end of the prison.

The program was designed to not associate those that commit "white-collar" crimes with those that might be in prison for a more serious or aggressive criminal act(s.) It also gives good motivation to those that are in the closed prison to uphold good behavior so that they can qualify in their last two years for the open prison.

The benefits of being in the open prison is the ability to make a phone call once a day, the chance to visit their families once every six months and to have a more relaxed daily routine.

As of 2008 Kutahya prison has over 600 prisoners, with almost 200 being able to participate in its workshops.

By 2000 the Turkish government was heavily seeking to be a part of the European Union. Such a move gave credit to the rehabilitation programs in Turkish Prisons. Now these programs are not just an option or a side job for the prisoners in Turkey it is mandatory that all prisoners that are located in the "Open" section of the Prison must participate in these workshops.