BATU Ltd. Co. was founded in Istanbul, Turkey in 2000 by Ozden Basak and Onur Tuntas with TURKLAND TRAVEL AGENCY being created as its own company under the company name BATU Ltd. BATU's focused products was textiles and rugs and for the last eight years it has established itself as a competitive name in the Sultanahmet area of Istanbul, Turkey.

"Prison Tiles" was founded as a sub company under BATU Ltd. to be the focus of their Tiles sales and exports in 2007. The idea was to represent the products of the prison workshops in Kutahya Prison. In 2007 Prison Tiles became the sole representative of Kutahya Prison tile workshops.

Ozden Basak and Onur Tuntas' military background as well their 20 years accumulated experience and knowledge in the tourism and import/export industry has given the company a solid foundation to build on. Since opening in 2000 both BATU and TURKLAND TRAVEL AGENCY have excelled in their fields and grown yearly in gross business.

In 2004 BATU exported its first Turkish rugs to the United States. A sign of BATU's growing market and ambitions.

With the growth of the company and the expanding of the business BATU and TURKLAND TRAVEL moved from their one story location to a two story location more centered in the heart of Sultanahmet in January of 2008. It's first level is a store front selling their premier quality rugs and tiles, with the second floor serving as the travel office for TURKLAND TRAVEL. The neighbors BATU store are the Blue Mosque, Aya Sophia and Four Seasons Hotel.

For the past eight years, the level of quality achieved by BATU has been confirmed by its hundreds of repeat customers over the years.

BATU as a company continuously strives for excellence and constantly looking for ways to improve its products and customer service, as well as expand their name, primarily through word of mouth of satisfied customers. BATU is always striving to new heights and is seeking to secure itself as a top place in their industry known by the quality of its products and their dependable service. BATU enjoys as a company living up to the idea of "Turkish Hospitality."